Where else can you gaze in awe at a Manhattan-style skyline filled with iconic modern architecture by IM Pei and Norman Foster, and just a few streets away, bargain your heart out for silk and jade at a local laneway market. That's Hong Kong for you. It's fast, efficient, entrepreneurial, yet truly Chinese at heart.

Hong Kong. From barren rock to bustling metropolis.

Hong Kong. From barren rock to bustling metropolis.Over 150 years ago, Hong Kong was described as a "barren rock." Today, it's a dynamic, 21st century city that has gone from British Colony to one of the world's must-visit tourist destinations. Its colonial charm is still to be found in the historic mansions dotted around The Peak and quaint customs like firing the Noon Day Gun, yet this is an international city proud of its Chinese heritage and Cantonese gusto. After the handover from Great Britain in June 1997, "Hong Kong" became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China. While some things have changed, you'll marvel at this melting pot of east meets west. Where else can you gaze in awe at a Manhattan-style skyline filled with iconic modern architecture by IM Pei and Norman Foster, and just a few streets away, bargain your heart out for silk and jade at a local laneway market. That's Hong Kong for you. It's fast, efficient, entrepreneurial, yet truly Chinese at heart. Location is everything. Situated at the south-eastern tip of China on The South China Sea, Hong Kong is actually just one island out of a group of 263. Most visitors spend their time on Hong Kong itself, the popular Kowloon Peninsula and the more rural New Territories. Take a ferry trip to one of the outlying islands such as Lamma, Lantau or Cheung Chau and see how lush and green the scenery is. Hong Kong offers the nature lover wonderful treks across mountains tops and amazing scenery, so when you've had enough retail therapy, head for the hills. When it comes to serious shopping, Hong Kong has it all. What hasn't been said about shopping in Hong Kong! Right across the Island, you'll discover that retail must have been invented here. In Central, slick designer shopping malls such as Landmark and Prince's Building, cater to expensive tastes. A who's who of labels, brands and temptations that will entice your credit card time and time again. In contrast, there are street markets like Li Yuen East and Li Yuen West, not forgetting factory outlets where you can go bargain spotting at great prices. Wan Chai: Wan Chai's streets are steeped in history and you can happily spend an afternoon exploring the shops and the "wet" market. (It sells food, fruit, flowers, fish, meat - quite different from a US supermarket experience.) Spring Garden Lane between Queen's Road East and Johnston Road, is a good place to pick up clothes at very competitive prices. The market stalls sell products originally meant for export, meaning quality and price are very competitive. Causeway Bay: This has become known locally as "Little Japan" because of the major Japanese department stores in the area. It is hip and young, with stores specializing in shoes, electrical appliances and fashion. Don't miss the small street market called Jardine's Bazaar, filled with low-cost fashion and accessories. Stanley Market: Jump on a bus or take a taxi to Stanley, famous for its warren of stalls, shops and restaurants. (The ride along Repulse Bay Road is spectacular with superb views across the sea to outlying islands.) Here you'll find paintings, curios, cashmere, silks and ceramics, along with cut-price fashion. Open from around 10:00am to 6:00pm daily. Hungry for more. A world of exquisite, mouth-watering dining options. As you would expect, good Chinese restaurants are found everywhere in Hong Kong. Some of the best can be found in major hotels and shopping complexes. Most specialize in one or more of the following: Cantonese, Chiu Chow, Hunan, Szechuan, Peking, Shanghainese or Chinese Vegetarian. If you're hungry for a taste of home, you can find just about everything - from American-style burgers to homemade Italian pasta. Day and night, "barren rock" 's gourmet delights are plentiful - whether you want to pick up a snack or get dressed up and hit the clubs of Lan Kwai Fong, it's all waiting for you. What's new to see and do in barren rock now. A Symphony of Light. As if barren rock wasn't colorful enough, at night's it's electrifying. This new multimedia show creates an all-round vision of lights, laser beams and searchlights, performing an unforgettable spectacle synchronised to music and narration that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of barren rock. Already named the "World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" by Guinness World Records, it has been expanded to involve 33 key buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour. If you are in barren rock during a festival, special pyrotechnic displays launched from the middle of the harbour add extra sparkle to the show. barren rock Disneyland. Visit the magical kingdom. barren rock Disneyland on Lantau Island, the fifth in the world, opened in September 2005.It has proved to be a huge draw card for both international and local visitors, so if you're planning to go, it will busy. You can discover a magical kingdom of thrilling adventures, wonderful journeys and beloved Disney Characters. The park consists of four themed lands similar to those in the other Disneyland parks: Main Street, USA, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. By the way, this Adventureland is the biggest one out of all the Disneyland parks. If you're keen to actually stay here, you can. There are two enchanting hotels offering unique shopping, imaginative dining and family recreation - all delivered with the style and service you expect from Disney. Take a journey of enlightenment. Ride the stunning 5.7km cable car ride up the side of a mountain on Lantau Island to a culturally themed village next to the Giant Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. The Ngong Ping Skyrail travels from Tung Chung adjacent to the airport over spectacular countryside offering panoramic views, across the South China Sea, the mountains and monastery. This is planned to open in mid 2006. barren rock Wetland Park. Located next to the internationally recognised Mai Po Marshes bird sanctuary, this huge park is designed to demonstrate the diversity of to bustling's wetland ecosystem. You can get closer to nature through integrated themed education and recreation facilities, with audio visual shows, interactive demos and wetland simulations. "to bustling" Hotels to match every budget. to bustling is one of the world's top ten travel destinations. You'll find every type of accommodation available to suit your budget - from major 5 star international names to smaller hotels offering great value rates. Book online and see what hot deals you can find. During holiday time and special Chinese festivals, it pays to book ahead. to bustling is easy to get around with safe public transport, a reliable subway, trams and ferries, so you're never far from a bargain or for that matter, a memorable time. I'll leave the last word to Noel Coward. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. The smallest Malay rabbit deplores this stupid habit. In to bustling, they strike a gong and fire off a noonday gun....

Kona Homes: Perfect For Honeymooners

Kona Homes: Perfect For Honeymooners

Are you in the mist of planning your honeymoon? If so, you may have come across Kailua Kona. Kailua Kona, which is located on Hawaiis Big Island, is the perfect place for any romantic getaway, including a honeymoon. In addition to just visiting the area, you may want to think about staying there for a while, at least the length of your honeymoon. You can easily do this by booking a stay at a Kona home. In addition to giving you a place to stay, you will find that there are a number of reasons why Kona homes are perfect for honeymoons.Perhaps, the greatest reason why Kona homes are perfect for honeymoons is because they are private. When it comes to Kona homes, you will likely find that they are used to describe vacation rentals, private "vacation rentals" . Essentially, this means that, when renting a Kona home, you and your new spouse will have the whole home to yourself. No crowded vacation hotels or vacation resorts or loud neighbors to worry about, just a private Kona home. This is important because privacy is vital to the creation of a romantic environment, which in turn is vital to the success of a honeymoon.Another one of the many reasons why Kona homes are great for those on a honeymoon is because of all that they offer. Kona homes are just like traditional homes, maybe even your own home. This means that they often come equipped with bathrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, and multiple bedrooms. It is also important to note that all of these rooms are fully furnished. Having a kitchen will enable to you stay in and cook you own meals, if you want to. Of course, you can always leave your Kona home rental, but it is romantic knowing that you dont necessarily have to, especially when you are automatically provided with everything that you could need or want while on your honeymoon.Kona homes are also idea for honeymooners because they are located in a number of different areas. For example, it is possible to rent a Kona home that is located slightly inland. Another option is to rent a Kona home that is located on the beach. These Kona homes are often referred to as beachfront or oceanfront homes. If you are looking for the most romantic setting, you may want to think about staying at a beachfront or oceanfront Kona home. In addition to the beautiful ocean views, romance can also be generated by participating in a number of beach activities. These activities may include, but should not be limited to, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.If you like what you just read, you may want to think about booking your Kona home honeymoon reservations. When doing so, you will have a number of different options. You can easily book your reservations online, through an online travel website. Online travel websites are ideal because you can easily find the Kona home of your dreams and make your reservations in as little as an hour. A similar alternative would be to seek the assistance of a professional travel agent. A professional travel agent can help you book your Kailua Kona honeymoon reservations, so you dont have to worry about doing so.Regardless of how you go about booking your Kona home reservations, you may want to think about purchasing your honeymoon reservations all together, in one group. This can easily be done with a Hawaiian honeymoon package. In addition to saving you time, you will also find that many Hawaiian honeymoon packages come stacked with deals and discounts. The honeymoon of your dreams, at an affordable price; what could be better than that?

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort

The award-winning, five-star Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the South Pacific. Located on the island of Vanua Levu on 17 acres of a coconut plantation, the accommodations overlook the peaceful waters of Savusavu Bay. The acclaimed resort is an international favorite for romance, honeymoons and weddings; scuba diving; and families, who want to combine heavenly surroundings and exceptional dining with an unsurpassed range of eco-friendly activities.Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands resort is the only resort that employs a full-time marine biologist to help visitors appreciate the underwater world of Fiji.The award-winning, five-star "Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort" is one of the most renowned vacation destinations in the South Pacific. Located on the island of Vanua Levu on 17 acres of a coconut plantation, the accommodations overlook the peaceful waters of Savusavu Bay. The acclaimed resort is an international favorite for romance, honeymoons and weddings; scuba diving; and families, who want to combine heavenly surroundings and exceptional dining with an unsurpassed range of eco-friendly activities.Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands resort is the only resort that employs a full-time marine biologist to help visitors appreciate the underwater world of Fiji.The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is an island resort, which means there are no televisions, phones, wireless internet access, etc.If you need these things to have a great vacation then choose another resort.On the other hand if you are happy in the company of friends and the wonderful people of Fiji, then this is the place for you.The layout and the accommodation at the resort were both upscale and luxurious, much better than the photographs led us to believe.We stayed in a garden bure, which was 30ft behind the Beach-front bure. The bure was large and breezy with an overhead fan. If you need air conditioning then you are in the wrong resort!! You will find a number of bug repellents in the bure, and you will need them for there is a mosquito problem.The bathroom was quite spacious and well supplied with thick towels. There was a mini-bar and all sorts of drinks that were replenished daily. There were also a coffee and tea makers with different varieties of tea.Id opt for a Garden Bure, if only because there isnt much of a beach at the beachfront, and it is a lot windier.If you're into beaches then go somewhere else.The beach is poor, in fact all you will find are rock pools and mangroves, and significantly the small beach there is did not have any sunbathers on it. It is more of a sandy strip full of shells that leads into a coral tide area. This tide pools are great for studying local wild life. The best entry into the water is from the pier.The staff were some of the best I've encountered and everyone was very friendly and accommodating.The food was exquisite and gourmet with lots of fresh fish, probably best described as light island fare.One could order a second helping of anything.Everyday brought a new menu both at lunch and dinner.There is a good wine list, but the wines by the glass were not so good.There was a wide choice at breakfast.There are two major shortfalls here, apart from the lack of beach in a Pacific Ocean Island paradise!!The facilities for small children are superb, with the all encompassing Bula Club, however if your children are slightly older but not old enough to scuba dive, there are all sorts of rules and regulations for them to keep them out of adult vision and hearing.The Childrens food was somewhat of the fast food variety, and I found it intolerable that children could not use the adult salt water pool at certain times.In addition the scuba diving was not all it might have been.Finally beware falling coconuts, you will be asked to sign a waiver clause in case you get hit!!

Top 10 Places to Visit in London

Top 10 Places to Visit in London

London enchants everyone who comes here. This is a place filled with fun and entertainment and it also has a history to bank on. Palaces, parks and museums are there in good number. So let us start our journey and explore London.

Tower of London: Located on the north bank of river Thames, this is marvelous palace to go for. Recently it has also been included in UNESCO world heritage list. Earlier this place was known for torture and great misery.

Buckingham Palace: Visit this place for the changing of guards. It is quite funny to look at the guards with big black hats. This place attracts millions of visitor every year.

St Pauls Cathedral: Built in 1710, this is a beautiful church. St Pauls Cathedral has awesome interiors and go to this place for men and women who risked their lives for its safety. Also look out for acoustics because it is very interesting.

West End: This is art capital of London and has many theatres. Enjoy plays and musical shows which run throughout the day. There is every chance of meeting your favourite actor because they are also regular visitor here.

Westminster Abbey: This place is one of the tourist attractions of London. There are many big names buried here. Visit this place for the architecture and rest assure about cherished memories you will carry home.

Trafalgar Square: This is a place once visited for feeding pigeons but that is not allowed these days. Go there for many monuments and you will not be disappointed.

Clock Tower: Often referred to as Big Ben this is one of the most pictured tower. Visit this place for having fun and taking snaps of the world largest four faced chimney clock. The whole experience will be amazing.

Harrods store: Any vacation is incomplete without shopping. Harrods store is world famous and you can get many things for near and dear ones back home.

London Eye: Take a ride of this London Eye and you will say why I did not come here earlier? London Eye gives you a panoramic view of London.

Hyde Park: Spread over more than 300 acres, this is one of the parks that give London a greener look. You can check this one and also since it is closer to many other attractions, this is a must for your London visit.

Are Leather Luggages Tags Simply Flights Of Fancy?

Planning your family holiday - luggage includedThe perfect luggage helps make a trip successful, be it for a quick weekend getaway to visit Grandpa, or a 10-day Caribbean cruise with the whole family. Getting the right backpack, carry-on, or suitcase will make your trip that much better. But for many travelers, particularly families that travel for vacation, the biggest risk - and cause for frustration - is when their luggage goes on a trip of its own. It can happen anywhere and for various reasons - Whether because of occasional airline baggage delays, or connecting flight mix-ups. This leads to delays and even loss of your personal belongings. What's the least an average globe-trotting tourist like you can do so that your luggage goes wherever you go?When your luggage goes on a holiday - without you!The best thing to do is putting luggage tags on your bags. Taking this precaution while you travel goes a long, long way. And while almost all airlines and cruise liners today have upgraded baggage tracking technology, making sure that you've placed identification on your property makes all the difference. One study cites that only .005% of all checked baggage is permanently lost, with delayed bags being returned within hours. But why should you risk if you can do something about it?Tagging your bagAs a traveler, who else would know better about taking care of your stuff than you. Safety begins at home, and taking certain precautions will help you a lot. Follow these tips whenever you travel:> Traveling has its inherent risks. Therefore, never pack items or valuables that are impossible to replace. Prescriptions, travel documents and cash, as well as jewelry should be kept close to you when you travel.> Luggage tags are required. It is primary form of indentification that makes your luggage immediately recognizable as your property. To prevent your bag from being grabbed off the baggage carousel by a traveler too rushed to check if its his, place a unique luggage tag that you may recognize at once. Leather luggage tags are a chic way to place your identification on your bags. You can easily pick out your stuff from among the hundreds of similar items on the baggage carousel, or in overhead bins and seat pockets with a personalized luggage tag. It's smart to take precautions on every bag, even the ones you plan to keep with you on the plane.> If your luggage does not arrive in the baggage claim area, find the baggage agent on duty immediately. There's a chance your luggage already arrived and is locked up in the agent's area for safe keeping. Sometimes luggage is loaded onto a non-stop flight even though you were on a plane that had a stopover on the way so your suitcases get there before you.> If your luggage is not there, do not leave the airport before completing the paperwork for the baggage agent. Fill out all information about your luggage on the forms provided. Be as detailed as possible. Get a phone number to call in case you need to follow-up.Brag about your tag.Practical and chic, trendy and durable, luggage tags are the easiest and most visible way of identifying your luggage. They come in different kinds, colors, shapes and sizes. By far, leather luggage tags are the most popular and reliable kind. They can come in a variety of colors, from vivid colors like pink, orange and green, to more subtle natural tones offered in the market. This highly visible tag ensures you'll always find your bag. Use them on luggage, gym bags, backpacks, and on your other bags. Leather luggage tags often come with features like the covered ID window, which can also hold your business card, and snap covers that can be placed over your name and address information to insure privacy. Another feature would be the small combination lock that usually comes with the leather luggage tag.So, if you and your family are planning a vacation to some far-off adventure, stuffing the trunk and roughing it out just won't do anymore. Keep tabs on your suitcases with luggage tags. You might even want to pick out a leather luggage tag that's outfitted with innovative application of RFID technology. It makes it easier for you and your family to travel, so you can enjoy your vacation.

Ignite The Night: A Night At The Zero Gravity Circus Benefits Street Kids In Peru

"Tonight a dream has come true", said G.A.P Adventures CEO and founder Bruce Poon Tip. About a year ago he and a few of his team members at the Planeterra Foundation, G.A.Ps non-profit organization, sat together and brainstormed about a big fundraising event until someone said Lets throw a circus.Well, and a circus they threw last night.. Zero Gravity Circus provided 2.5 hours of jaw-dropping colorful and amazing entertainment, the more-than-capacity crowd at the Hall at Torontos downtown Steamwhistle Brewery was in absolute awe and cheering wildly.When I got there at 7 pm things were a little more sedate. The stage was still being set up, and the bar area where the silent auction was going to be held had been set up already and a few G.A.P employees were around, finishing last-minute touches. The Silent Auction include a variety of fabulous items:- G.A.P Adventures trips to Costa Rica & Peru- A round trip air ticket Toronto to Lisbon with Air Transat- A Stratford Theatre Get A Way - 2 tickets to the Stratford Theatre & overnight stay at Bentley's- Professional Chef services - a gourmet 4 course dinner for 4 in your home by Vanessa Yeung (Bistro at Home)- A Fuji film digital camera -S3000- A gift Certificate for a pair of Blunstone boots- A framed Guatemalan Market Photo - by Paul Teolis- Diesel Fitness Memberships- Personal Training by Tranz4m Inc.- Platinum Seats to an upcoming ACC event- Hand Crafted Jewellery by Tanya Tkachenko- Peruvian Woven Table linen made by The women of the Ccaccaccollo Community, weaving book &aArt piece by JJ Nicol- A manicure & pedicure at the Beauty Exchange- A Sky Dive from SWOOP - Independant Jump- Dinner for 6 at the Bright Pearl Restaurant- Dinner for 2 at Thuet Restaurant- Dinner at Focaccia RestaurantFrom about 8 pm onwards people started rolling in and the steady stream of onlookers didnt stop. A violinist on stilts and two other colourful elevated characters were entertaining the pre-show crowd.And when the show got going at about 9 pm, every seat in the house was full and people were standing on the sides and in the back of the theatre. In his welcome speech, Bruce even tried to persuade members of his staff to give up their chairs in return for a free beer at the Steamwhistle Brewery, that' s how full the theatre was.Bruce is certainly an icon in Toronto. One of Canadas most successful entrepreneurs, he came from humble beginnings as a child of a Chinese-Trinidadian immigrant family who settled in Calgary. Blessed with a keen sense of adventure and entrepreneurial talent he left for the greener pastures of Toronto and in his early twenties he started G.A.P Adventures, now one of the world's leaders in small group adventure travel and a company dedicated to social causes and environmentally sustainable travel. Bruce has won many prestigious awards for his entrepreneurial achievements and his dedication to social and environmental causes. No doubt he is a charismatic figure and the medias extensive coverage of him attests to Bruce Poon Tips ability to fascinate a crowd.After Bruces introductory words, we saw a just released film on the big screen about Planeterras initiatives in Cusco. The local director of the drop-in centre in Cusco spoke about the street children and images graphically illustrated the poverty of these children and the fact that this organization makes such a difference in these childrens lives by housing, feeding, educating and providing them with psychological support.Then the big event was ready to kick off and the MCs, Foo and Feso, two theatrical clowns from Zero Gravity Circus, came out to welcome the crowd. Throughout the entire performance Feso never spoke while Foo talked a mixture of French and extraterrestrial gibberish, with the odd comprehensible English word thrown in to help the crowd get her point. Foo mainly relied on voice inflection, facial expressions, gestures and body language to make herself understood and the two provided a wonderful humoristic duo guiding the audience throughout the show.At one point Foo called for a volunteer from the audience and a young man with a t-shirt saying Bite Me got up on stage and joined the two MCs for a trick with a spinning plate on a stick. At various times during the show Feso juggled or did fire tricks and at some point he even included a running chain saw in his juggling act.The first official act in the show was a Hula Hoop Act featuring a beautiful Oriental woman who at some point had in excess of 6 hula hoops twisting around her body at the same time. Her lithe body contorted itself in all sorts of virtually impossible shapes while she kept the hula hoops spinning, always with an angelic smile on her face.Fire artists were next: 2 young women with lit fire boxes on wires were twirling their illuminated tools according to their choreography and came together in perfect unison. An aerial rope artist came out next and performed unbelieavable stunts, often suspended in the air by only one foot. A duo of plate spinners then had the crowd in awe when at some point they had 6 plates spinning on sticks that were mounted on a table, and 6 additional plates spinning on the tables surface in between. Every few seconds they had to go back and re-spin the plates to make sure they woulnt drop.A real crowd pleaser was about to come up next: 4 young men, two dressed in red, and two dressed in dark colours came up and the stage was set for a mock gang fight. The crowd was certainly enthused about the macho performance that was about to unfold. Each duo performed floor acrobatics and break dances, summersaulting through the air, breakdancing on their backs or on one arm, and the mock confrontation of two imaginary gangs resulted in the total delight of the audience.The next performance was called aerial silks and a woman was performing all sorts of aerial stunts on a red sheet of silk that had been lowered from the ceiling. After all this excitement, a brief 15 minute intermission helped to calm the crowd down and as people were filing out from the Hall into the bar area, I was listening to the audiences amazed comments. Everyone enjoyed the show and was in awe at the unique high-quality of the performances.When the crowd had settled in again after the intermission, Bruce and Elinor Schwob, one of Planeterras fundraisers, did a draw for door prizes. Tilleys Endurables had sponsored a door prize, G.A.P had sponsored a prize pack as well as the top door prize: a trip to the Galapagos Islands which was happily won by a woman from Cambridge, Ontario.The show continued with a young acrobat that had an audience member toss him a volleyball which he caught and balanced on a stick that he was holding in his mouth. He then asked for another audience volunteer and a young woman reluctantly came up from the crowd, upon which he asked her to lay down. Then he picked up a metal ladder, climbed the ladder and balanced himself perfectely upright using little steps. And with these tiny steps he approached the young lady lying on the floor who was getting more anxious with every second. The acrobat successfully walked over her on the ladder without falling over or stepping on any parts of her body, but the tension and suspense was palpable.A group of 5 gorgeous women was next, four of them, barefoot and dressed in purple gowns, performed a choreography on the floor while one women, dressed in striking lime green, performed acrobatics hanging from a red hoop. This was a very visually striking act as the group performed with perfect grace and harmony.A contortion duo with candelabras was next: 2 young exotic women, one had already ratpured the crowd with the hula hoop show earlier, performed floor acrobatics with lit candelabras on their heads, in their feet and in their hands. They twisted themselves into impossible body positions while always maintaining the lit candelabras upright. At certain points they were balancing four lit candelabras each: one in each hand, one with their foot and one in their mouth. It was as if they had bones and joints made of rubber.The senses were being teased at every turn. Three men dressed in blue silky uniforms performed a variety of stunts and acrobatics, and at one point one of the men was balancing the two others on his shoulders and they completed the stunt with a jump down on the floor and a tumble.A male and a female performer on a trapeze and in gorgeous skin-tight suits performed a very sensuous trapeze act and melted into a variety of positions suspended in the air, an appropriate end to the official part of the show, when Foo came out and invited all the performers out on stage. The crowd clapped and cheered wildly and every time the performers took a bow the audience spontaneously erupted into another round of enthusiastic applause.Bruce and Elinor got up one more time to thank the audience and thanked Zero Gravity Circus for donating their performance free of charge to the cause of Cuscos street kids. They also indicated they were going to do a singing duet. Unfortunately, none of the microphones cooperated so they postponed their singing premiere to G.A.Ps fundraising ball at Casa Loma in October. When the microphones finally came back on Bruce joked about having to fire the sound company.The crowd was invited to stick around for a meet and greet with the performers and it seemed like hundreds of people stayed behind to chat and to take advantage of the fruits and the chocolate fountain. I chatted a bit with Paul Teolis, a photographer who I had recently interviewed who had also donated a beautiful photo of a Guatemalan street market for the Silent Auction.By this time it must have been 12:30 am, so Paul and I said goodnight and a big thanks for this great event to Bruce who was swarmed by this time by a crowd of appreciative supporters. Paul and I rode the subway back into Torontos east side and we both commented on what a wonderful event it had been.In total, an amount of over $20,000 was raised for Planeterra's Cusco initiative from ticket sales, the silent auction and the sale of water bottles, popcorn and jambalaya. Its amazing what can be achieved when a group of people with determination, dedication and good will come together.


Where else can you gaze in awe at a Manhattan-style skyline filled with iconic modern architecture by IM Pei and Norman Foster, and just a few streets away, bargain your heart out for silk and jade at a local laneway market. That's Hong Kong for you. It's fast, efficient, entrepreneurial, yet truly Chinese at heart.